School Dances

See You At The Dance!

Grads, celebration galas and winter-balls, since 2008 Vancouver Island Disc Jockeys and the “SCHOOL POWERED” team have been transforming school gymnasiums, halls and cafeterias into one night visually inspiring entertainment districts!!! We present and play host to full scale school dance events that students (and teachers) will never forget!  When a student get’s to see their school looking like a concert arena with a giant video screen, laser lighting, fog and booming sound, their reaction is truly priceless and the atmosphere electric!

Alongside all the latest mix of music, technology and quality crafted sound system,  we present cutting edge djs with hype MCs and professional dancers to boost the crowd’s energy at all the right times!  Every booking comes with 20 large “SCHOOL POWERED” posters to put up around your school or community centre.  We look forward to bringing our SCHOOL POWERED big rig to your space.

School Dance DJ Services

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