It’s your turn to be **THE STAR**!

In Japanese language the word “Karaoke” means ’empty orchestra’.  So book us to “conduct” your way to stardom and fill up your venue with a 4 or 5 hour Swell Time Karaoke package.  We can set up in pubs or private events.  We do not rent Karaoke systems, we provide the full service complete with a host.
Our Karaoke library boasts 20,000 hit sing-a-long songs that you can look up by Artist or Song title.  The words will appear on the screen helping you reach wow factor!  Once your request is in the system, our family friendly host will announce your big moment and maybe even perform the odd tune if you’re lucky.
We find that birthdays, corporate events and pub nights are the best for belting out Karaoke.
Submit your song, we’ll make it sound swell, you’ll just have to keep time and stay in tune!

Regardless of whether you go with one theme or want to completely mix it up with music from every category and time period, our massive collection of songs will meet your needs.

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